Book Review: ‘The Giver’ by Lois Lowry

228303The easiest way to describe this book is as Nineteen Eighty-Four for children, but that would be selling it short. Although written for children, this book easily engaged me. Jonas is a likeable character, and I couldn’t help rooting for him.

One of the rules of the community in which Jonas lives is that all members should speak with a ‘precision of language’. This precision of language is refected in the tight, spare prose used to tell the story. Not a word is wasted, and it is a delight to read. The images evoked are vivid and the weirdness of a near-emotion-free community is quite unnerving at times, as is the whole idea of Sameness. The story made me grateful for all the freedom of choice I have, even taking into account all the pain and suffering that can come with it. A world without choice, without colour, without music, without love would not be a world that I would want to live in.

I’ll be keeping this book on my bookshelf so that I can pass it to my own children, both for their enjoyment and their education.

5/5 – It was amazing!

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