Book Review: The Cutting Room by Louise Welsh

1050450I really liked this book, read it in the space 24 hours. Rilke captured my attention right from the start with his dichotomous nature: both moral and immoral. I liked the fact that the mystery of the photos was never really solved, instead, a current crime (white trafficking) was uncovered and a young woman set free from slavery. Having said that, there was one loose end that I felt should have been tied up: throughout the book there are hints of something dark in Rilke’s past, something to do with his family and several characters owe him one, but for what we never find out. I kept asking myself why Rilke cared about the photos, and I’m sure it’s tied up in his past, but by the end of the book I was none the wiser. I feel a little unsatisfied by this. Also, I wasn’t quite sure that the explicit sex scenes were really necessary. I suppose that the author was trying to compare Rilke’s actions and attitude to sex with McKindless’s, but she used a sledgehammer to do it. And McKindless? Kind-less … yep, he was not a kind man!

4/5 – I really liked it.

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