Book Review: Storm Warning by Vanessa Gebbie

9302903These are the stories of those left behind, the ‘survivors’ of war and atrocity. I found each one deeply affecting and couldn’t just plough through this collection as I might normally have done. Out of respect for the people whose lives are laid bare, I had to stop after each story, if only for a few minutes, and ponder what I had read. Every story became a prayer for peace and an end to war and suffering. A hard but beautiful read.

5/5 – It was amazing!

Swimming Lessons – A Flashpoint

photoIt’s the smell that makes him falter. Chlorine. It’s supposed to keep things clean, to kill the germs hazardous to health. Instead, it resurrects the dead. Memories slide over his skin, fill his lungs, sting his eyes.

“Look! Someone’s freed Willy!”
“Call Greenpeace!”
“Tsunami! Everybody out!”

It’s the receptionist’s, “Sir?” that brings him back to the surface.

“Sorry,” he says. “One adult. Two children.”

(Originally posted at Flashpoints, A National Flash-Fiction Day project.)