Barefoot Prayers: Moving House – A Response

It's OfficialTuesday 19th March 2013

It’s official. The sign’s gone up. We’re moving.



CleaningSaturday 23rd March 2013

Today has been a day of cleaning. Our house is on the market and we had our first viewing at 3pm, so the morning was spent scrubbing and wiping and dusting and hoovering. Our bedroom has never looked so clean and tidy.

The house feels strange now though. The kids are away on various camps, so there’s no noise – apart from the cooing of the collard doves who are nesting in the tree outside the window – and there’s no mess: no Lego to tread on, no teeny-tiny slivers of paper to pick up, no cuddly toy mountains to wade through.

I’ve already stopped thinking of this house as home. We’re selling it, passing it on to someone else. We’re taking all that we are and all that we have somewhere else and making a home there. Truth be told, I don’t think I’ll miss the place. It’s been a staging post for the last six years, bought because we needed to find somewhere to live, not because we fell in love with it. Our next house will be the place we stay, the place we make our own, the place we invest more than just money in.

SoldMonday 1st July 2013

The ball is finally rolling! We’ve just accepted an offer on our house, and the offer we made on the house we’d like has been accepted too! The chain seems to be short with everyone in a position to proceed, so it should all go smoothly from here. Hopefully!

Just the small matters of the mortgage and survey and conveyancing and removals etc etc etc to sort out.

Feeling positive but trying not to get too excited!

I was thinking about this house today and about how I’ve never really been all that attached to it. I’ve decided to remember it as the House of Healing. When we moved here I was very much in the early stages of recovering from postnatal depression, and while we’ve been here I’ve certainly had my ups and downs, but now I feel as if I’m whole and healthy again, able to cope with the stresses and strains of life. So I shall remember this house as a place of rest and recuperation. Must make sure I have plenty of photos to remember it by.

flowerFriday 9th August 2013

I keep thinking I need to get on with some sorting/packing in preparation for the impending house move, but there’ll be plenty of time for all that once we have an actual date. A deadline always helps me focus. We should hear from the mortgage company within the next few days, and we’ve a chap coming on Monday to give us a quote for removals. Best make the most of the calm and quiet while I have it!

mortgageThursday 19th September 2013

Mortgage offer received. Finally! Another step closer. Yay!


bookThursday 26th September 2013

Spent the day getting quotes from removal companies. Still haven’t had final conformation from the solicitor that Monday is going to be the day, so it probably won’t be. It’s all getting a bit stressy and! Taking deep breaths and trying not to get too stressed.

Put together a photo book for Sophie. She’s having a bit of a wobble about the move. She’s too young to remember moving here, so, for her, this is the only home she’s known. I suggested we create “The Book of Happy Memories” so she’s got something to remember the house by. After gaining her approval, I went through all my photos and printed out about twenty pages of images with spaces between so she can write down her own memories. Hopefully it will help her with the transition.

boxSaturday 28th September 2013

Today has been spent packing and cleaning. I cleaned all the downstairs windows, inside and out. It’s amazing how much extra light is coming through! Matt bought some packing boxes, and we’ve done the dining room and part of the lounge. It’s hard to know what to pack as we don’t have a firm moving date yet, but every box packed today is a box we don’t have to pack next week. Plus it’s good to get rid of all the rubbish we don’t want to take with us.

Sophie’s had me wrapping up her Lego models in bubble wrap and has commandeered a special packing box all of her own for them.

Right. Time to get back at it. Those boxes won’t fill themselves.

bootTuesday 1st of October 2013

Another boot-load of bits and bobs for the charity shop.



boxesTuesday 10th of October

Nearly there. Just the last few bits to gather and put in boxes. The movers come at 9am tomorrow. Hopefully they’ll empty one room at a time so we can follow them around and clean. I’ve just done the oven, and I did the windows earlier in the week, so that just leaves the bathrooms and then dusting and hoovering. The kids are staying with Matt’s parents tonight, and they’re taking them to school in the morning for us, so we’ll be able to crack on bright and early. Absolutely shattered. We’ll sleep well tonight.

nembow_2013-10-11(1)Wednesday 11th of October

Aaaaaaand we’re in! We finally got the keys at 3pm. Two hours later the vans have been unloaded and the removal men are leaving. Now to unpack …


GardenFriday 21st March 2014

We love our new home. It feels as if we have never lived anywhere else. We have so much more room here, and we can do all the things it was so hard to do in our old place – like walk from one room to the next without tripping over each other. There’s room for the kids to grow, room for all Matt’s instruments, room to invite more than two people around at a time. I love the light here; there’s so much of it – even when it’s cold outside, I can sit in the conservatory and soak up the sunshine. We now have a west-facing lounge at the back of the house which means I can watch the birds feeding and flitting in and out of the hedge at the bottom of the garden. We also have a kitchen-diner which means I can help the kids with their homework while I’m getting tea ready. Most of all, I love that this house is a perfect venue for our youth group and that we have the freedom and flexibility to be able to open our doors to them at any time. They can loll about in the lounge, rustle up snacks in the kitchen, make music in the music room, and, come summer, they’ll be able to muck about in the garden. I knew thus house was ‘the one’ the moment I walked into it. The process of buying it was pretty stressful at times, but it was so worth it.

Excerpts from my diary in response to Moving House by Stephen Cherry (Barefoot Prayers: A Meditation a Day for Lent and Easter)

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