Barefoot Prayers: Bodies – A Response

BodiesThere’s no doubt about it: I’m getting older. My hair is going grey, and my skin is going wrinkly. Two vertical lines have taken up permanent residence between my eyebrows and there’s a pillow crease on my cheek that’s still there every bedtime. Not to mention that everything that could head south is. On top of that, there are the stretch marks; I look as if I’ve been wrapped in crepe paper.

But you know what? I really don’t care. In fact, whenever I look at myself in the mirror I smile. I smile because I’ve earned each and every mark, each and every wrinkle, each and every grey hair. They are my battle scars, and bodies only develop battle scars if they’re alive!

Today’s prayer is Bodies by Stephen Cherry (Barefoot Prayers: A Meditation a Day for Lent and Easter).

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