#atozchallenge: D is for Duvet Days

Duvet DayThings that help …

Some days it feels as if the sun has gone behind a cloud and is never going to come out again. Some days the most I achieve is getting the kids up, washed, dressed, fed and to school on time. Some days it’s just all too much.

It’s on those days I have a Duvet Day. I dig out a DVD box set, curl up on the sofa, snuggle up under my blankets and switch off my brain. Once upon a time, I would have seen that as giving in, admitting defeat, being lazy, wasting time, but now I think of it taking much-needed rest and allowing myself to recover. Sometimes keeping going is exactly what I need to do, but sometimes it isn’t. Over the last few years, I’ve learned to listen to my body and my brain and most of the time I’m able to do what’s right for them. Happily (and perhaps unsurprisingly) my need for Duvet Days is growing less and less and less …


An explanation of my AtoZChallenge theme can be found at Me and My Mental Health – It’s Time to Talk.

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