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#BookReview: Lunch Hour by Calum Kerr

Lunch HourIf you enjoyed Calum Kerr’s Breaking Distance, the odds are you’ll enjoy his recent book, Lunch Hour. The premises of both books are the same: every flash-fiction-length chapter is set in the same place, at the same time. In Breaking Distance, every story occurred in a motorway service station at the moment someone dropped a tray. In Lunch Hour, every story revolves around the population of a single office during a single hour – the titular ‘lunch hour’.

This book has everything: romance and unrequited love, murder and mayhem, fraud, fantasy and philosophy, assassination, ambition and alien invasion. It’s a kind-of Torchwood meets Groundhog Day meets Sliding Doors meets The Office.

As it’s a flash-fiction collection, it’s a super-quick read. I raced through it in about 40 minutes. I say ‘raced’ because it’s a proper page-turner. Don’t let me give you the impression that it’s a superficial read though. Calum has a way of exposing his characters’ innermost conflicts that makes you feel as if you’ve known them all their lives, and he deals with some pretty big topics too: sexuality, prejudice, office politics, isolation, the daily grind, all manner of -isms and even the meaning of life.

5/5 – Amazing!

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