What I Did On My Holidays

I learned several years ago that there is no point in me trying to write stories when the kids are home for the holidays. The constant threat of interruption that comes with having two little people hurtling around the house is enough to prevent me from entering The Zone, that single-minded state of consciousness I need to be in to write fiction. So, what did I do as the kids broke up from school? That’s right … I decided to write a load of summer-themed flash-fictions. Needless to say, I quickly relegated that idea to the proverbial back-burner and embraced the summer chaos instead. So, although I only wrote 2582 words, I also …

IMG_8810 V2webate in the region of 40 ice creams, fifteen picnics, five National Trust scones, four portions of fish ‘n’ chips and three barbecues,

supervised the construction of 97 sandcastles,

participated in the catching of 32 crabs,

IMG_8195refereed one game of pooh-sticks,

rode a bike,

flew a kite,

meandered around half-a-dozen different parks,

IMG_8289deadheaded approximately 10,000 flowers,

stroked eight cats,

donned my swimming costume for the first time in 3 years,

played ten games of ‘Count the Number of Airplanes Taking Off from Heathrow While We’re Stationary On the M25’,

IMG_8417endured watched a gazillion Minecraft demonstrations,

enjoyed innumerable cuddles and snuggles with the kids,

and even read SIX WHOLE BOOKS.

It’s been a wonderful summer of resting, relaxing and spending time with family and friends, but now the kids are back at school I’m back at my keyboard. I’ve written my ‘Things to Do’ list and it’s HUGE, but I’m ready and raring to go. Just one more coffee before I begin though …

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