Outliers and Misfits: My @etherbooks #FlashFortnight Flash-Fictions

Slide10A couple of weeks ago, Ether Books announced its latest contest: The #FlashFortnight Challenge, and being a sucker for a challenge, I couldn’t resist, so last week, I wrote one flash-fiction a day for seven days (each one based on the daily theme) and sent them off. For the competition, I also made a series of promotional posters to be used on Twitter and Facebook, one of which you can see to the left. (Image credits and copyright notices are here.)

I didn’t start the challenge thinking I’d write a set of connected stories, but by Day 3 it became clear to me that that’s exactly what I was doing, so I emailed the lovely Chris at Ether Books and asked him if I could change the titles of my previously submitted stories and give them the umbrella title I’d come up with: Outliers and Misfits. Being lovely, Chris said YES! and made the changes for me. (Thanks, Chris!)

All seven stories are set in the same fictional universe (a fictional universe where there’s no such thing as normal) but each one stands alone which means they can be read in any order. They are as follows:

EtherIf you’d like to read them, and I hope you do, you can download the Ether Books app, search for Natalie Bowers and then scroll down my story list until you find them.

Remember, though, there is no such thing as normal …

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