Ether Books FlashFortnight Challenge: The Results

My winning promotional poster. Click through for image credits.

I had a bit of good writing news today. The results of the Ether Books FlashFortnight Contest were announced and it turns out I was a winner! I won both parts: most downloads and best promotional poster.

To say I’m chuffed would be an understatement. My prize consists of two parts: options in Ether Books (Might come in handy one day!) and a $125 package of book promotion by BooksGoSocial. As I don’t have a book of my own to promote at the moment, I’ve decided to donate my prize to a good cause and use it to promote Flashdogs: An Anthology which is due for release on Saturday 13th December. All proceeds from its sale are being given to The International Board on Books for Young People which is a non-profit organization representing an international network of people from all over the world who are committed to bringing books and children together. I have two brand-new short stories in the anthology plus there are over 100 other stories from some brilliant flash-fiction writers. To stay up to date with its release, follow @FlashDogs on Twitter.

Thank you to everyone who downloaded my Outliers and Misfits stories. I had a blast writing them, and I hope you enjoyed reading them!

Artwork by Tamara Rogers. All Rights Reserved.
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5 thoughts on “Ether Books FlashFortnight Challenge: The Results

  1. Natalie,

    Many congratulations on your win, but not only that, on your creativity and visual style. I expect that visuals will become even more important as a reason for reading in the future.

    Great covers inspire me and illustrations are making a comeback because of the web.

    You are leading the way in this. I wish you well in all you do.

    Laurence O’Bryan

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