#LastLineFirst – A #FlashFiction Challenge: Week 5

last line firstGood morning/afternoon/evening! Welcome to week five of Last Line First.

It was really hard to pick a favourite last line this week as there were so many great openers to choose from. I did eventually manage to settle on one though.

Your last line prompt this week is from The Blind Date by Kirsty. I picked it as my favourite because that ‘…’ is just begging to be replaced with a story.

As always, you have until midnight (GMT) on Sunday to comment on this post with your ≤200 word flash-fictions. Remember, you can tweak the last line however you see fit. For a full run-down of the rules and easy access to previous challenges and their stories visit this page.

So, here’s your new first line:

I don’t believe in love at first sight, but …

Happy flashing!

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12 Responses to #LastLineFirst – A #FlashFiction Challenge: Week 5

  1. Voima Oy says:

    Lucky Number
    200 words

    I don’t believe in love at first sight, but one look, and you changed my life. I saw the future in your eyes.

    This is not the future I imagined.

    You said I was your lucky number and I believed you. You had a foolproof plan. You made it sound so easy. We were going to get away with it.

    Now, you’re gone, and you took all the money with you. Numbers erasing, nothing left but zeros. I have nowhere to go but down from here, out past the expressway to the airport. I can see beyond the gates, the lighted runways. I can watch the takeoffs and landings. I can hear the jets from the pod hotel, heading for some place I can’t imagine anymore.

    This is how they’ll find me. Nothing in my hands. Just another number, a nameless face.

    I know you’re out there somewhere. Once, I saw your eyes on all the billboards, smiling through the smoke and haze. I wandered the streets, looking for your face in the passing faces. None of them is you. I know you’re out there, somewhere, among the lights, with a different face, another name. I can almost see you, now…

  2. Kirsty says:

    She didn’t believe in love at first sight, but he was making it difficult for her not too. His large brown eyes stared up at her, so deep were they that she felt like she was looking into the depths of his soul.

    What’s your name? She asked as she reached a hand towards his soft golden face. He responded by nudging his cold wet nose into her palm and then licking her fingers with fervour.

    He’s the last of the litter! She heard a woman’s rough voice call out from behind, the runt, they’re always the last to go. Not worth much if they can’t be showed.
    Yeah, dog shows. The breeder sold the show worthy dogs for a pretty penny and this fella ended up here. An unwanted by-product of an already over bred industry!

    The woman scoffed as she turned back to stacking the shelves with kibble.
    As she pulled her hand away from the puppy he began to whimper. She took a few steps away and the cries grew louder. She winced but quickly gave in.

    How much is he then? She asked, turning back to the pet store employee.

  3. Perfection with a Tesco bag
    {185 words}


    I don’t believe in love at first sight but she was just perfect. I was entranced, her hair fell forward and she brushed it away, pushed her glasses high up onto her head as she laughed into the phone. Watching her was a delight. She radiated happiness. A blissful abandon. I wanted to make her mine more than anything else in the world.
    An intense passion was building inside as she moved about in front of me. A yearning, a deep seated need. Urges that I was fighting to suppress, keep hidden for now anyway. I had to play this slowly. I didn’t want to ruin anything by rushing into things and appearing over eager.
    We’d only found each other by chance. Her bags had split as she walked home and I’d helped her with her shopping. The way she blushed had almost stopped my heart. Before you knew it here I was, six months later, in my car outside her house watching her every move through the window. She was blissfully unaware of the magic yet to come.

  4. Paul says:

    Killing to Save – 200 words

    I don’t believe in love at first sight, but… Maybe I do… Just not quite as you’d expect.
    I’m a hit man and I’m gonna love taking this guy out. I knew that as soon as I saw his dossier. So yeah, this hit is love at first sight.
    You’ve heard of the saying ‘Best of the Best’? This guy’s the ‘Worst of the Worst’. He’s a drug smuggling, people smuggling, murderous prick, and it’s time to take him down.
    I’m perched up on a roof opposite his favourite cafe with my best friend, which happens to be a sniper rifle. We’re laying in wait… He should be here soon… comes here everyday; runs his business from here.
    He’s here; alone. It’s probably for the best. Knock him off and make a clean getaway before anyone realises what’s happening.
    I’ll wait till the waiter is out of the way; he’s not wearing an apron…
    Well, that was easy. He’s no longer a problem. And I made it out the country too. That was one clean getaway.
    See, in my line of work, you do it for the money mostly… But sometimes? Sometimes you feel like you’ve just saved the world.

  5. MRMacrum says:

    The Hook Up – 200 words

    “I don’t believe in love at first sight, but I am told there are fools who do. Are you one?”

    The well dressed woman sitting at the hotel bar twirling her drink with a beautifully manicured forefinger looked at Stanton. “Am I one what?”

    “A fool who believes in love at first sight.”

    The woman swiveled her bar stool and faced Stanton. “You get lucky often with that line, do ya?”

    “More often than you’d think. ………. May I sit down?” Stanton assumed her permission and parked on the stool next to her. “I’m Stanton and you didn’t answer my question.”

    “Well Stanton, I’m thinking you don’t care how I feel about love. I’m thinking you are just another zipper looking for an invite upstairs.”

    Stanton was silent. He held up his empty glass to signal the bar keep he was still thirsty. ”So I guess the answer is no?”

    The woman pushed her drink away and stood up. She pulled on her skirt to straighten it and said, “Did I say no?”

    “Uh no, no you didn’t.”

    Jack opened his purse, found his room card and tossed it on the bar. “Give me ten minutes darling, then come up.”

  6. Lauren Akers says:

    Crush (199 words)

    I don’t believe in love at first sight, but what I do believe in are butterflies. And man, does she give me butterflies. I don’t know what it is about her–that flippy hair thing she does (which I bet is totally on purpose, no matter what she says), or that little girlish giggle. I know it’s cliche, but I can’t help but turn into a blubbering idiot when she’s around. Which is probably why when she actually noticed me at the crosswalk today, and asked me what I was up to over the weekend, I was speechless. I couldn’t even tell her that I was free and would love to hang out–I bet she was about to ask if I wanted to go get ice cream. She really likes ice cream–she’d probably even like it with me. And I couldn’t even muster a squeak when the red hand changed to the white walking man and she started to cross the street. And I couldn’t scream at her to stop when that orange pickup truck clearly wasn’t going to. And I couldn’t give an answer to the police’s questions when they came for her body. Who knew butterflies could kill?

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