#LastLineFirst – A #FlashFiction Challenge: Week 12

last line firstHello and welcome to Week 2 of Last Line First! We’re starting a little later than usual, but all good things come to those who wait …

Your last line prompt this week is from No Words by Paul Kohn. I picked it because opening a story with the idea that some things are ‘just indescribable’ is a bit of a challenge isn’t it?

Remember, you have until midnight on Sunday 12th April to comment on this post with your ≤200 word flash-fictions, and you can tweak the prompt however you see fit. For a full run-down of the rules and easy access to previous challenges and their stories please visit this page.

So, here’s your new first line:

Some things are so special that they are just indescribable.

Happy Flashing!

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7 thoughts on “#LastLineFirst – A #FlashFiction Challenge: Week 12

  1. Late entry! :-/


    No words needed!

    Some things are so special they are just indescribable, aren’t they?
    I know you’ll understand this because you are one of those indescribable things.
    I have watched you every day and I wanted to tell you how very special you are.
    But of course I couldn’t.
    It is impossible.
    You are too special – there are no words capable of describing you.
    But now, now I have you here, I don’t need words, do I?

  2. The Indescribable Girl
    200 words

    Some things are so special they are just indescribable. I could make a list but it would be an infinite list of smiles and moments, but that’s not what they pay me to do.

    It should be so simple. That’s what their waiting faces seem to say. At least, I’m not trying to describe a good night’s sleep like for the mattress campaign. Shakespeare came in handy for that one. “To sleep, perchance to dream” maybe you remember that one? Of course you do. I lost a lot of sleep over that but it was worth it, after all. Raise, bonus, promotion. Now I sleep just fine.

    But this new client is a challenge. What’s so hard about perfume, they ask. They want something dreamy, evocative, romantic. They want a name for it. One word.

    They’re looking at me, waiting for me to come up with just the right word. “It’s indescribable,” I say, ” what kind of girl would wear this…”

    “Indescribable…” the CEO tries out the sound of it. “Quirky and provocative…”

    The others nod.

    “She’s like bubbles winking in a glass,” I say. And they smile as they picture her, now.

    Some days I love this job.

  3. Dreams (200 words)

    “Some things are so special that they are just indescribable.”

    “That’s a cop out answer and you know it. It’s your job. If you wanted an easy job without any creativity required, you could have worked retail, not in writing.”

    Ugh, the worst part is that he’s right. It is a cop out answer because bottom line, I can’t do this job. But I also can’t admit that I can’t do it, because I fought my family tooth and nail so that I could study English in college and follow my lifelong dream of being a writer instead of working at the family store. And now, I can’t do it. I’m not insightful enough, not witty enough. And here I am, a lousy writer at a lousy magazine, making a fraction of what I would’ve made back home.


    “Yes, Mr. Townsend?”

    “Instead of standing there with your mouth hanging open, why don’t you write that article?”

    I head into my office and start typing. I scrape the bottom of my soul’s barrel for the words to describe a cat that wants to haz cheeseburger. I imagine a universe where you don’t have to be careful what you wish for.

  4. Hold On (198 Words)

    Some things are so special that they are just indescribable.

    These are the things that stay with you forever; the times that you replay in your head because you never want to forget the way you felt at that specific point in time.

    You try to describe them, and yet you can’t; not even to those who were there with you. Not in the detail they deserve.

    I know this because I’ve tried; tried to articulate the way I felt to people I hold dear… You’d think I’d learn that it’s not something I’m good at, but no; I persevere, burning bridges as I go… except this one time.

    Sometimes you meet someone who is an inspiration; who helps you remember who you really are. These people don’t come around very often. Someone who is there through good times or bad times, there to help, not judge, no matter what. Someone who motivates you to be the best that you can be. Someone who knows that you will do exactly the same for them, anytime night or day.

    When you make a friend like that, there is one rule that applies… Hold on tight and never let go.

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