#BohoBerryChallenge Day 26: Contribution

For a long time, I’ve described myself as a professional volunteer. Partly because I’ve done a lot of stuff that I’ve not been paid for. (For example, efore I fell ill, I was serving on 15 different ministry teams at church!) Partly because I try to do everything I do in a ‘professional’ manner, whether it’s running a youth group or baking a cake. This year, because I’ve been ill and in recovery, I’ve stripped back my commitments to the bare essentials: looking after my family. I’m ready to branch out a bit now, but I’m going to be careful not to overload myself, and I’m going to think carefully about whether or not I’m the right person for the job and whether or not the job is the right job for me before I take anything on.

(Image credit: Pixabay)

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