#BohoBerryChallenge Day 28: Career

I currently have no desire to have a career, and I can’t remember ever having a career plan. I’ve really just floated in whichever direction the wind has blown me.

I remember wanting to be an archaeologist once, but that was only because Indiana Jones made it look cool. After that I wanted to be an architect, but I abandoned the idea when I discovered how long you had to study for. At some point, I also wanted to be Prime Minister, and I’ve always fancied being a rock star or a novelist.

Education wise, I focused on science because I was good at it, and I loved learning about how the universe works. I studied Biology, Chemistry and Maths at A-Level and Biochemistry at university. I worked in that field for a bit, with vague dreams of winning a Nobel Prize. I started a PhD, dropped a PhD and finally went to work in a candle shop. After a year of that, I trained to be a secondary school science teacher because I remembered that I’d once caught my Biology teacher enjoying her job and had thought: I’d like to feel about my job the way she feels about her job. After completing my training, I taught for a few years, then got a bit bored and frustrated, so took my honourable discharge and became a full-time mum.

Whilst mumming full-time, for the last 16 years, I’ve done all sorts of other things that have mostly involved the voluntary teaching of children and young people in various educational fields. I’ve also enjoyed some success as a short story writer and photographer. Now I’m getting into art again – Thirty years ago, I opted to study art at GCSE, but it was over-subscribed, so I had to do Craft Design and Technology instead! I’ve always been arty and crafty, but it’s only ever been a hobby. Now that I’ve found my creative side again, though, I am open to whatever might come my way. Currently, I make pin money selling my handmade cards, but who knows what the future holds?! Maybe I will start thinking in terms of a career, but for now, I’m happy (and lucky to be able) to just float in whichever direction the wind blows me.

(Image credit: Pixabay)

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