The A – Z of Artful Journaling: G is for Gelatos

Gelatos? In a journal? Are you mad, woman? Nope – not at the moment. The Gelatos I’m talking about are not Italian ice creams; they are compact acid-free pigment sticks made by Faber-Castell. They come in tubes like chap sticks and blend together with or without water. I have a set in metallic and regularly use them in my journaling to add a bit of shimmer to my pages. I also have a set of Hobbycraft Watercolor Pastels which have the same creamy texture as Gelatos and work in the same way. They are great for creating colour on journal pages and for adding details too.

The one warning I would give about them though, is this: before you commit them to your journal, test them on a piece of paper to see if you can write over them with your regular journaling pen. They can be a bit waxy, and not every pen likes to write over them.

“So, how do you use them in your journaling?” I hear you cry. Well, keep reading, and I’ll tell you. You can click on all of the images below for a closer look.

I created this spread using the following:

  • metallic Gelatos in purple, blue and lime green
  • watercolour pastels in two shades of green
  • a stencil
  • baby wipes
  • a butterfly stamp
  • silver stamping ink
  • water spray
  • a chisel-shaped brush (mine came with my gelatos)
  • a small detail brush
  • a craft mat
  • washi tape and
  • a black pen
  • my journal

First, I used a light green pastel to scribble across the top of the page. Then I scribbled a darker green over the top. After that, I used a wet chisel-shaped brush to blend the two together and drag them down the page.





To encourage them to swim about more, I sprayed them with water and then stood the journal up to let the colour run down the page. After that, I dried the page with a heat tool.





Next, I scribbled some lime green metallic Gelato straight onto my craft mat to create an area of colour. I then used a baby wipe to pick up this colour and apply it to the page by gently rubbing it through a stencil. I did this with several colours.





Once the stenciling had dried, I created another area of colour using a blue metallic Gelato and then picked up the colour with a wet detail brush and painted on some swirls.





Next, I scribbled some purple metallic Gelato onto a clear butterfly stamp and gave it a squirt of water. I then stamped it on the page several times. This gives a lovely watery effect.





After the stamped butterflies had dried, I stamped over them with silver in to give them sparkle and a bit more definition. I wasn’t precious about getting the stamped images to line up perfectly, as I wanted to create a blurry feeling of movement. I also added a strip of silver flowery washi tape down the side of both pages.





The last thing I did was to stencil on the number 7 using a the green metallic gelato and a baby wipe as above. I then scribbled around it  and wrote ‘sunday’ with a fine black pen.

I’m really pleased with how the whole spread turned out. It’s kind of light and abstractly gardeny.

What about you? Have you used this kind of pigment stick to decorate your journal? What other techniques do you use?

Thanks for reading! See you next time. xxx

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