The A – Z of Artful Journaling: M is for Metallics

It was a beautiful winter’s day today; the sun streaming into my conservatory was a lovely warm, gold. Inspired by this, I chose to go with metallics for my journal spread. Metallic paints, pens and flakes are a great way to add an air of lightness and joy to your journal pages. Here’s how I made it:

I used:

First, I wet my paintbrush and picked up a the red metallic paint (No. 56 Flare) and painted around the edge to create a messy frame. As I wanted the colours to stay roughly where I put them, I didn’t wet the paper first. Secondly, I used one of the gold metallic paints (No. 53 Glaze) to fill in the empty space, then finally, I plopped in a few spots of the copper metallic paint (No. 55 Coppered). After that, I dried the pages with a heat tool. For a closer look, you can click on all the images in this post.





Once the paint was dry, I used my thick Posca paint pen, to roughly draw a few lines from the top to the bottom of the outside edge of the left hand page. Then I used the pin-type Posca pen to splatter white spots on the page – I did this by giving it a good old shake. After that, I dried everything again.





To create some larger circles, I smeared a small amount of white gesso onto the pages with my fingers. I did this in two layers, drying the first with my heat tool before adding the second. This allowed me to lay down paint more evenly – I plan to write over these circles, so I didn’t want any lumpy bits! I scribbled around the large white circles with three gel pens containing sparkly ink. This added a nice bit of shape and depth to the circles.





To finish, I used my glue pen to spread a little glue on the top and bottom of the pages and then applied some gilding flakes and swept away the excess with a dry brush. These look amazing in the sunlight! (More on these in a future post – they deserve a post of their own.) I also drew a few squiggly black lines down the left hand page to give the whole spread a bit more depth.

Here are some close-ups. Click on the images for a closer look.





What about you? How do you use metallics in your journaling?

Thanks for reading! See you again soon. xxx

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