The A – Z of Artful Journaling: W for Washi Tape

Washi Tape is a wonderful way of adding colour, texture and even words to your artful journal pages. It can be used for more than decoration though; it can also be used to repair and reinforce. It’s both useful and beautiful. I reckon William Morris would have loved it! What follows is a catalogue of all the ways I’ve used Washi in my journaling. You can click on the images for a closer look.

So what is washi tape? Washi tape is high quality rice-paper-based masking tape that is tearable and repositionable, making it great for arting and crafting. It usually comes with some sort of pattern on it, but you can also buy blank washi tape to decorate yourself. There are also similar tapes made from plastics, such as glitter tapes. It doesn’t really matter what it’s made of these days – it’s all known as washi tape, although sometimes it is marketed as craft tape.

Washi tape comes in different sizes. Below, you can see that I have tape ranging from 6mm wide to 50mm wide, but most washi comes as 15mm-wide rolls. You can, however, use a craft knife, metal ruler and cutting mat to cut your washi into any width you desire.





I often use washi as a backdrop for my dates. It creates a nice layering effect. I’ve even been known to write the date straight on the tape. The tapes are usually waxy, so not every pen will write on them.





Washi tape can be used to decorate and reinforce the edges of pages and tip-ins. You can fold it over the edge if you want a narrow strip of the same pattern on both sides of the element or paper, or you can just run it along the length of one side. To add a bit of depth, you can layer embellishments on top of it – as I’ve done in the first photo with an Ali Brown printable tip-in and the kraft paper date banner. You can also pick colours that blend into the page or that stand out from the page – whatever takes your fancy.





You can cut or tear your washi to make different shapes and objects. Over Christmas, I made candles, gifts and trees from washi.





I also stuck glitter tape onto paper and then used circular punches to create these bauble shapes for sticking on another December spread.

An easy way to add tabs to your pages and tip-ins is to simply fold over a piece of washi and stick it to both sides of the element.



It’s great for sticking down the corners of ephemera and photographs too.



Washi tape can be used to repair pages and cover up messes and mistakes. Here I used it to cover some bleed-through in the centre of the page and a tear at the edge of a page.

This washi, is a ‘colour you own’ tape. I used gel pens to add a bit of pop to a couple of the flowers.



Some of my favourite washi tapes have words and phrases on, which make a nice edition to special spreads like this one.



Combining tapes with different colours and patterns can add a bit of interest too.



So that’s how I’ve been using washi tape in my journaling? How do you use it in yours? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading! See you again soon. xxx

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