The A – Z of Artful Journaling: D is for Dates

Writing the date is a fundamental part of journaling – we all like to know what happened on what day – but there’s so much more to writing the date than just chronological accuracy; adding the day, date, month and year can be done artfully and can really add to the joy of journaling. Below you’ll find images of the various ways I’ve added the date to my journal pages. You can click on each one for a closer look. I hope you find something useful here!


Here, I simply used pens to stylise my writing and make the date stand out.



And here, I used a Dymo label maker to print the date in white on transparent tape. I then stuck it over a block of colour I’d made by blending water-based markers together.



This date is a mixture of different elements. I used a stencil to draw the ’23’ and then doodled within the lines. I wrote the word ‘november’ in pen and then embossed the word ‘thursday’ on black tape using my Motex label maker. I then stuck this over some layered washi.






I love using my Motex label maker. It comes with two wheels: one with uppercase letters and symbols (including hearts and stars), and one with lover case letters and numbers. It’s great because you can use different colour tapes and stick your dates onto anything including acetate and paper tip-ins, like this printable journal card by Ali Brown.

Another favourite tool of mine is my office date stamp. You can stamp the date on just about anything, including acetate if you use Stazon ink. I only have one of these date stamps, but you can buy ones with different layouts in different sizes. I love these little kraft paper flags too. They’re just the right size for stamping on.

There are all sorts of other stamps you can use too. I like my little ‘calendar’ stamp. I can write the month on the top and then ring the date and write the day in the gap at the bottom.


I love to use stencils too. I often stencil on large numbers like those below. I’ve even been known to use my massive stencil to stencil the number on the middle of the page and write my journal entry on top of it.





You can colour your numbers in a variety of ways, including with pens and pencils and wiping ink or paint through the stencil using a dobber, brush or baby wipe. You can foil them too or add a bit of glitter with glitter glue.

Stencils can be hard to find and are often expensive, but I wrote the date on this page using a stencil I happened upon in the stationary section of my local Home Bargains. It only cost 79p!



I used three different stencils to date this page.




Another technique is to add a date to your photos before printing them. You can also add the location or other details too.



Well, I think that’s enough for now. So, how do you record the date in your journaling? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading! See you again soon. xxx

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