Planning Out Loud: January 2018 Part II

We’re nearly at the end of January already! How did that happen? Tomorrow, I’m going to film my February Plan With Me video, so today I thought I’d better post the second part of Planning Out Loud: January 2018.

This is my Goal and Brain Dump page for January. I don’t need much space for this. I tend to keep my goals small and practical so they’re achievable and not overwhelming – things like: book a dentist appointment, fill in a certain form or buy a pair of new shoes. At times these relatively simple tasks have felt like huge mountains to climb, so I don’t need anything more grandiose on my to-do list right now! This month I’ve included a couple bigger goals though: complete #janathon and #nojunkjanuary. These are things I really want to do because I know they will improve both my physical and mental health and get this year off to a good start. They’re doable too. I just have to do some form of exercise everyday this month and not eat certain foods – there’s no weighing, weight-loss targets or certain distances to achieve which is what I need right now. I’ve not written anything in Brain Dump space yet, primarily because all my thoughts and ideas are related to arts and crafts at the moment, and I’ve got separate collections for those.

This is my January hazard plan page. I started doing monthly hazard plans back in July after attending a Recovery College course on overcoming obstacles, and now, at the end of each month, I look at the coming month and identify events and issues that might cause me stress or anxiety. I write these in the left-hand column and then have a think about what I can do to overcome them. I then write my ideas in the right-hand column. I’ve found this a great way to reduce stress. Sometimes, just acknowledging that something might be stressful, makes it feel less daunting.

This is my current wellness tracker. It’s been twelve months in the making. Over the last year, I’ve discovered the things I need to do to keep me well. Headspace and Pray As You Go are apps I use for daily prayer and meditation. At the moment, exercise is a ten minute walk around the block – I can’t go any further due to back pain. Force Relax is otherwise known as Progressive Muscle Relaxation which I do every night when I get into bed. No Naughties is me cutting out the junk food from my diet.


This is my January Media Tracker. It looks a bit sparse at the moment. I actually took this pic a couple of weeks ago. Since then I’ve started reading Happy by Fearne Cotton and have watched a few more TV Shows. No movies though. I’ve not discovered any new songs lately, but I have been listening to my ‘Get Moving’ playlist which I use to get me out of the bed (still a struggle if I’m honest) and into the shower. It’s also my musical companion when I’m driving, cooking and houseworking.


This is my gratitude log for January. Every day, I fill a box with things I’m thankful for. I find this really helpful for keeping things in perspective. No day is completely awful. There’s always something to be grateful for.

As well as these spreads, I have also added a lot of collections over the course of January, including: Project Ideas, The A – Z of Artful Journaling Ideas, Card-Making Ideas, a list of all the Recovery College courses I’ve been on – I plan to write about each of them for Mental Health Monday – Mindfulness and Prayer Ideas, Planning Ideas, Printable Ideas, Arts & Crafts Supplies and Youtube Ideas. I’ll go over those in tomorrow’s Plan With Me Video. You can also watch my Menus and Meals video in which I set up my new food planning collection and show you how I use it.

And finally, to wrap up, here’s a look at the way I’m setting up my dailies. I use a time bar to plan how I’m going to spend my time each day. It helps me to see it blocked out as I can easily see how much time is available for arting and crafting during the day. When it comes to the bullet part of bullet journaling, I don’t feel the need to differentiate between tasks and appointments and notes. Everything just gets a regular bullet when it’s added, and a simple cross when it’s completed.


So, how did your January planning turn out?

Thanks for reading! See you soon. xxx

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