The A – Z of Artful Journaling: S is for Sprays Part IV

When I sit down to art or craft, I usually warm up by preparing a spread in my artful journal. It’s a lovely, peaceful and colourful way to move my mind and body from whatever I was doing before – usually chores – into whatever I want to do next – mostly card-making.  I created this spread the other day, using watercolour sprays, stenciling, washi tape and embossing powder. It was very therapeutic! Click on the images for a closer look.

To make a spread like this you will need:

  • your journal
  • a craft mat or cleanable surface
  • spray colours
  • a heat tool
  • washi tape
  • a stamp and acrylic block
  • embossing ink
  • embossing powder
  • an alphabet stencil
  • silver pens
  • baby wipes or rags for cleaning up

First, spray your mat with three watercolour sprays. I used magenta, blue and violet as they blend beautifully together. I made these myself by adding a small amount of India Ink to about 50ml of water. This gives a dilute and delicate colour. Don’t spray too much onto the mat; you want the droplets to stay separate so they don’t all blob together when you press your journal on top.





Next, lay your journal, spread-down, onto the sprayed colour and gently press it. You can do this a few times to cover the page. Once you’re happy with the distribution of colour, dry your pages with a heat tool. You should see some nice blending of the colours. Another way of doing this is to spray, press and dry one colour at a time. Instead of blending, you get more of a layered look.





Once the spread is completely dry, run some washi tape down the edges of the pages. Then, use an embossing stamp pad to ink up the stamp of your choice. Now stamp the image onto your spread. I let my stamp overlap the washi a little to visually bring the layers together.





Before the embossing ink dries, shake over some embossing powder, tip the excess back into the pot and heat the page with a heat tool as per the manufacturers instructions. My embossing powder granules are quite large so it gives a distressed effect. One thing to note when embossing on tomoe river paper: after heating, the powder-ink combo can ghost quite heavily through the other side of the page.





Depending on the journal you use, you might want to round the corners of your pages. You can do this with a corner punch. Finally, stencil in your date or a quote or saying and fill in the letters with a pen.





And that’s it – you now have a nice, light, bright, uplifting spread to journal on.

Are there any other ways you use sprays in your artful journaling. Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading. Catch you soon. xxx

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