Mindfulness Exercise: Writing Slowly

One of the things I experience when I’m anxious is an increase in the speed of whatever I’m doing. It doesn’t matter whether that’s talking, walking, eating or even writing – it all just gets faster and more frantic. I guess the adrenaline rush is preparing me for flight or fight.

Funnily enough, I’ve found writing to be really helpful in getting me through such moments. When I notice my handwriting speed up so much that I can no longer read what I’m putting on paper, I stop, take a few deep breaths and then start again, but with a conscious effort to write slowly, neatly, thoughtfully. This not only slows my physical response to adrenaline, but it also helps distract my mind from whatever thought it was that set me off in the first place. Sometimes, that will have been the topic I was writing about. If that’s the case then I might choose to write something else: a letter, a poem, a bible verse, an affirmation, the words to a song – whatever helps.

Incidentally, the tools I write with have become really important to me. Beautufully smooth, colourful paper … a weighty fountain pen … the sensations I feel when writing with these lifts my spirits and helps ground me in the physical world, and can help make writing a mindful and calming experience.

How about you? What helps you get through those anxious moments?

Thanks for reading! See you soon. xxx

(Image source: Pixabay)

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