Crafting Out Loud: Mixed Media Business Cards

Whenever I sell one of my cards or sticker sets, whether in-person or via my Etsy shop, I like to include one of my business cards as a little keepsake for the purchaser. I did think about getting them printed professionally, but, truth be told, I don’t need them in any great quantity at the moment, so I’m happy to make them myself. Plus, I think a unique, hand-painted, hand-drawn, original business card is a bit ‘stands out from the crowd’ as well as being a bit more personal.

Usually, I make my business cards on watercolour artist trading cards (ATCs), but I’ve just run out. Rather than buy another set, though, I decided to make my own from my stash of 300gsm/140lb cold-pressed watercolour paper. Why spend money when I’ve already got the materials needed? To create these cards, I first painted the back of my watercolour paper (approximately A4 in size) by dobbing on *Avery Elle Liquid Watercolors in Sea Glass and Mint to Be then dried it with a hairdryer. This serves two purposes: it creates a pretty background that’s light enough to write a message on, and it covers up any splodges of paint that might get on the back when I paint the front!

Once the back was dry, I wet the whole of the front of the card with water so that it had a sheen to it. I then used the liquid watercolours again. I dropped them around randomly and then mixed them on the paper with a soft brush to create a soft background. While this was still wet, I added blues and green from my watercolour set including, Cobalt Turquoise, Cobalt Turquoise Light, Pthalo Turquoise, Indigo and Prussian Blue. I let these swirl about and mix, lifting the darker areas with a piece of paper towel. Once I was happy, I dried this with a hairdryer. For extra texture and interest, I placed a criss-cross stencil over the paint, and rubbed it with a babywipe to lift off some of the colour. This is a very subtle effect which is only really visible on close inspection. Click on the images to zoom in.

To add shimmer, I splattered on the teal, green and gold from the Prima Pastel Metallic Accents pallet and the black from the original Prima Metallic Accents pallet. Again, I dried this with a hairdryer. Once everything was bone-dry, I used one of my ATCs and a pencil to measure and mark out the cut lines on the painted card. I then used my A4 trimmer to cut the card down to size. Out of a sheet of A3 watercolour card, I managed to make 16 business cards and had a few bits left over for bookmarks and gift tags.

To decorate the cards, I used Ranger Archival black ink to stamp on the sentiments – one says, ‘a warm hello’ and the other says, ‘thank you’. I then used a black slicci to draw the messy frame. I only doodled on two of the cards because I like to zentangle of an evening, so I’ll decorate the rest over the coming weeks. Also, whenever I’m in a cafe or restaurant, I like to leave one of my cards with a handwritten thank you on the back. I’ll pop some of the unfinished ‘thank you’ cards in my purse so that I can doodle on them while I drink my coffee.

So that was how I spent my afternoon. What did you create today?

Thanks for reading! Back soon. xxx

*The Avery Elle Liquid Watercolours  are available from The Little Paper Tree. Use my coupon code TLPTNATALIE10 for 10% off your next order.

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