The A to Z of Artful Journaling: F is for Fine-Liners

As well as being great for colouring in, fine-liners are great for adding art marks to your artful journal pages. They come in all sorts of colours, all sorts of nib sizes and tend to last a pretty long time. Some of the Stabilo fine-liners in this picture have been in my collection for over three years, and they’re still going strong!

Below you’ll see some of the ways I use fineliners in my artful journaling. Click on the images for a closer look.








You can can use fine-liners to add delicate little marks in the gaps between colour, or add darker marks on top of colour. These add interest and depth to a page. I often like to cluster my marks within boundaries, but you can also spread them out all over the page. You can also choose colours that compliment your background or colours that blend with your background. Dark marks can have a particularly striking effect. One of the advantages of fine-liners over gel pens, for example, is that you can journal right over them without your pen skipping or your ink smudging. One thing to think about though when choosing fine-liners is do you want your marks to be waterproof or not?







Another thing you can do is draw borders and messy frames around your pages and any ephemera you may have stuck in. You can also doodle with them. Above, I have added a bunch of messy flowers in two colours that go well with my watercolour background.

As well as doodling in your journal, you can also write quotes with fine-liners. You can write them in bold colours and make them a focal point of the page, or you can write them in pale colours to make them part of the background.

So, those are a few ways I use fine-liners in my artful journals. What marks do you make with them?

Thanks for reading! Back soon. xxx

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