The A – Z of Artful Journaling: Q is for Quotes

If you’ve read much of this blog, you’ll know that I’m a collector of quotes. Some people in this world just seem to be able to capture the human experience in a succinct, memorable and meaningful manner. There are two places I collect quotes. One of them is my bullet journal (see left). As I come across a quote I want to collect, I write it down – usually on my current daily page, although, sometimes I set aside pages specifically for jotting down the wisdom of others. Eventually, though, most of these quotes find their way into my artful journal too, where I often make them a focal point on the page. Below, I’m going to share some of the ways, I’ve added quotes to my artful journal. You can click on the images in the gallery for a closer look if you like.

  • On other people’s journal cards such as this one by Ali Brown (Picture 1)
  • Sentiments stamped in ink (Picture 2)
  • Sentiments stamped and heat embossed (Picture 3)
  • Stamped words – one letter at a time using alphabet stamps (Picture 4)
  • Typed onto my own journal cards using my typewriter (Pictures 5 – 7)
  • Typed onto stickers using my typewriter (Picture 8)
  • Typed onto envelopes using my typewriter (Picture 9)
  • Typed by me and printed onto sticker paper
  • Typed by me and printed onto card (Picture 10)
  • Typed by me and printed onto acetate (Picture 11)
  • Punched using my motex label-maker (Picture 12)
  • Hand-written on post-its and stuck in (Picture 13)
  • Hand-lettered directly on the page (Picture 14 – 16)
  • Hand-written on napkins and paper tablecloths (Picture 17)
  • Cutouts from magazines (Picture 18)

So, that’s how I’ve been adding quotes to my journal. Have you been adding them to yours?

Thanks for reading! Back soon. xxx

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