Crafting Out Loud Facebook Group: Now Open!

Hello! After garnering opinion via a poll on my YouTube channel, I’ve decided to start a Facebook group called Crafting Out Loud. It’s a group for sharing arts and crafts projects with one another, and for sharing crafting tricks, tips and advice.

To help build this group into a thriving community, the following rules are in place:

1. Share your arts and crafts projects with the group by posting photos or videos *directly* to the group.

2. Only add links to other websites (e.g. blogs/YouTube/shops etc) in the comments of posts, not in the posts themselves.

3. When commenting on other people’s projects, be encouraging. Only offer constructive feedback if it has been explicitly requested.

4. All posts must relate to arts and crafts. Any off-topic posts will be removed.

5. No selling, no shop sales, no swapping, no in search of, no RAK posts or anything along those lines. We want to keep this group drama-free, pressure-free and focused on actual arts and crafts.

6. Members of design teams are welcome to share their makes here as long as links to shops are only shared in the comments, *not* in the posts themselves

7. Do not block any of the group admins.

By becoming a member of this group you agree to abide by these rules. Members who repeatedly break these rules may be removed from the group without warning. These rules are subject to change.

And that’s it for now! If this group sounds like a place you’d like to hang out, then follow this link. Thanks!

Happy crafting! xxx

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