Artful Journaling

Here are the links to all the posts in my Artful Journaling blog series. I’ll update it regularly, so be sure to check back for new content.

Below are all the ideas I have so far. As I create a post about each one, I’ll create a link to it here. Many of these media and techniques are applicable to more than just artful journaling, so you might find useful ideas for other creative projects you’re working on.

  • A is for … Aquamarkers, Acrylics, Acetates, Affirmations
  • B is for … Baggies, Brusho I, Brusho II, Brusho III, Blotting, Black Gesso, Brushes, Brush Pens, Bookmarks
  • C is for … Covers, Coloured Pencils, Colour Wheel, Cutting, Cling Film, Creativity, Collage
  • D is for … Digital Stamps, Dates, Dobbing, Dripping, Drawing, Doodling, Decoration, Depth, Distress Inks
  • E is for … Embossing, Embellishments, Ephemera, Envelopes
  • F is for … Future-Spreads, Foiling, Fine-Liners, Focal Points, Flicking
  • G is for … Gelatos, Gel Pens, Glue, Glitter and Glimmer, Gratitude
  • H is for … Handwriting, Hand Lettering, Honesty
  • I is for … Ink Pads, India Ink, Images,
  • J is for … Journal Cards, Joy, Junk
  • K is for … Kraft Paper, Kindness
  • L is for … Lists, Leftovers, Lettering, Labels, Laminating Pouches, Liquid Watercolour, Lifting
  • M is for … Metallics, Masking, Markers, Mark-Making, Mixed Media, Mindfulness
  • N is for … Nourishment, Notebooks, Neocolo II
  • O is for … Overwhelm, Outline Stickers, Openness
  • P is for … Prayer, Paper, Punches, Planning, Paint Pens, Play, Perfectionism, Photos, Printables, Pockets, Peace, Postcards, Prompts
  • Q is for … Quotes, Quiet, Quality,
  • R is for … Rest, Rice, Recycling, Resilience, Recording
  • S is for … Sprays I, Sprays II, Sprays III, Sprays IV, Stamping, Stenciling, Stickers, Staples, Scissors, Storage, Scribble Sticks, Salt, Self-Care, Shimmer, Sprocket, Sequins, Sponges, Storage
  • T is for … Tipins, Tools, Transfers, Tweezers, Traveling, Tape, Texture, Testing, Theme, Travel brochures, Tabs, Tags
  • U is for … Understanding, Use What You Have
  • V is for … Values, Virtues, Vellum
  • W is for … Watercolour, Washi Tape, Wipes, Words, Wellness, Water, Watercolour Pastels, Wax resist
  • X is for … Explore, Experiment, Expense
  • Y is for … You
  • Z is for … Zentangling