Mixed Media for Memory Keepers and Planners

Here are the links to all the posts in my Mixed Media for Memory Keepers and Planners series (formerly known as The A-Z of Artful Journaling). I’ll update it regularly, so be sure to check back for new content.

Below are all the ideas I have so far. As I create a post about each one, I’ll create a link to it here too. All the media and techniques listed are applicable to lots of arts and crafts – journaling, scrapbooking, card-making, planning etc – so you might find useful ideas for all the creative projects you’re working on.

  • A is for … Aquamarkers, Acrylics, Acetates, Affirmations
  • B is for … Baggies, Brusho I, Brusho II, Brusho III, Blotting, Black Gesso, Brushes, Brush Pens, Bookmarks
  • C is for … Covers, Coloured Pencils, Colour Wheel, Cutting, Cling Film, Creativity, Collage
  • D is for … Digital Stamps, Dates, Dobbing, Dripping, Drawing, Doodling, Decoration, Depth, Distress Inks
  • E is for … Embossing, Embellishments, Ephemera, Envelopes
  • F is for … Future-Spreads, Foiling, Fine-Liners, Focal Points, Flicking
  • G is for … Gelatos, Gel Pens, Glue, Glitter and Glimmer, Gratitude
  • H is for … Handwriting, Hand Lettering, Honesty
  • I is for … Ink Pads, India Ink, Images,
  • J is for … Journal Cards, Joy, Junk
  • K is for … Kraft Paper, Kindness
  • L is for … Lists, Leftovers, Lettering, Labels, Laminating Pouches, Liquid Watercolour, Lifting
  • M is for … Metallics, Masking, Markers, Mark-Making, Mixed Media, Mindfulness
  • N is for … Nourishment, Notebooks, Neocolo II
  • O is for … Overwhelm, Outline Stickers, Openness
  • P is for … Prayer, Paper, Punches, Planning, Paint Pens, Play, Perfectionism, Photos, Printables, Pockets, Peace, Postcards, Prompts
  • Q is for … Quotes, Quiet, Quality,
  • R is for … Rest, Rice, Recycling, Resilience, Recording
  • S is for … Sprays I, Sprays II, Sprays III, Sprays IV, Stamping, Stenciling, Stickers, Staples, Scissors, Storage, Scribble Sticks, Salt, Self-Care, Shimmer, Sprocket, Sequins, Sponges, Storage
  • T is for … Tipins, Tools, Transfers, Tweezers, Traveling, Tape, Texture, Testing, Theme, Travel brochures, Tabs, Tags
  • U is for … Understanding, Use What You Have
  • V is for … Values, Virtues, Vellum
  • W is for … Watercolour, Washi Tape, Wipes, Words, Wellness, Water, Watercolour Pastels, Wax resist
  • X is for … Explore, Experiment, Expense
  • Y is for … You
  • Z is for … Zentangling