Happiness in a Half Box

Hello, stickerators! It’s lovely to be back on the blog today, sharing my love of stickerating with you. I’m sure we all know how important gratitude is and how gratitude is strongly associated with our sense of wellbeing and happiness. I’ve certainly come to value having an attitude of gratitude over the course of my recovery from mental illness. During the last four-and-a-half years, I’ve made a point of using my bullet journal to record the things I’m grateful for. At the end of every day, I jot down one or two things that have brought me happiness, joy, satisfaction, or that have just made my day a little less difficult. Sometimes, I look back through my bullet journals to remind me of these things, but often it’s simply the act of reviewing my day and looking for the good in it that does me good.

I’ve used many methods for recording gratitude over the years, but one of my favourites is to use EBDUK half-boxes. For me, they are the perfect size. Big enough to write one or two things, but not too big that I feel I have to write an essay! And, of course, they’re pretty and colourful so they brighten-up the whole process.

Here are a few ways I’ve used half-boxes:

For months that have 30 days in them, I stick 30 half boxes on a double page spread, 15 on each side. At the end of each day, I flick to this page and add my gratitude. I love watching the boxes fill up as the month progresses, and it’s easy to see a whole month’s gratitude at a glance.

Another way I often use half boxes is to add one to each of my daily logs, so when I’m reviewing my task list at the end of the day, it’s right there to remind me to record my gratitude.

Over the years, I’ve set out my daily logs in different ways. Sometimes, I set them out in columns across two pages. When I do this, I often place my gratitude half boxes at the bottoms of the columns. Again, their placement reminds me to fill them in. I’ve also been known to place half boxes at the bottoms of the daily columns on my weekly schedules instead of my daily logs. It’s just another way to do it – I do like to switch things up every now and then to keep things fresh and fun!

So that’s how I use half boxes to record my gratitude. How do you record yours? Do let me know.

Until next time … happy stickerating!

Easy Mixed Media Background for Cards, Journals and Scrapbooks

Hello, lovely friends! Today, I needed to create some thank you cards to send out with shop orders, and I thought I’d share the process with you. I make my cards from an A3 piece of mixed media paper onto which I add powdered pigments, stenciling, stamping, painting and doodling. I then cut up the paper into 3×3 inch squares and write a little thank you note on the back. If you’d like to see how they come together, then check out the video below. Thanks for stopping by! x

Introducing the Mama Makers’ Box 2021

Hello! I’m delighted to share with you today, the brand new Mama Makers Box from Mama Makes. Every year, to celebrate Mama Makes’ birthday, Loti releases a Makers Box full of crafty goodies, and this year, she asked me if I would design the contents. How could I say no?! So check out the video below to see all the bits and bobs I designed.

The box and washi tapes are available to buy on the Mama Makes website right now, so hurry while they’re still in stock! x

No Sticker Left Behind

Hello! It’s me, Natalie, here with a question to ask you: what do you do with your leftover stickers? I don’t know about you, but I really dislike having a few stickers left on a sheet. It feels untidy, and they look so lonely and left out! So, I was delighted to find, when I opened one of the Advent Experience packets, a beautiful EBDUK sticker album.

I confess, when I first saw sticker albums come on the scene, I was rather dubious about them. Why keep leftover stickers at all? Why not just stick them on a page? But over time, I’ve come to see how useful such albums are. You can remove those leftover stickers from their sheets thus eliminating their untidiness, and then you can gather and organise them in a way that suits the way you stickerate, plus you can store them for just the right moment to use them.

My brain works in colours. I organise all my arts and craft supplies in colour groups, usually in rainbow(ish) order. When starting a project, whether it’s planning, painting or memory-keeping, colour is how I initially select media and materials. It seemed natural, therefore, to organise my EBDUK sticker album according to rainbow order, plus a few extras. So, I’ve got red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, brown, black, white, grey and rainbow/multicolour.

To help me easily find the colour I want, I added coloured tabs every few pages. Until I knew how my album would work for me, I stuck these tabs down with double-sided tape, but now I know how many pages I actually need for each section, I think I’ll attach the tabs more permanently, maybe with a mini stapler.

Now that I can readily see all my leftover stickers, I’m thinking of doing a leftover sticker week in my bullet journal, maybe mixing them with some of the rainbow washi strips from the A5 functional sticker sheets.

So how does your brain stickerate? Do you organise your stickers by colour, by shape, by size, by function? Whatever way you sort, I think an album would be a good way of grouping your leftover stickers, because they’ll be there waiting for you, ready for when you want to use them.

Until next time … happy stickerating!

With love

Natalie x

I am on the EllieBeth Designs UK Creative Planning Team! Use my code NATALIE10 during checkout. You’ll get 10% off your order, and I’ll receive a few rainbow rewards to spend on stickers (at no additional cost to you). Win win!


OYOJ: Quick and Easy Scrapbook Pages Using Kaisercraft Oh Happy Day

Hello, lovely friends! In today’s video, I create two quick and easy A5 scrapbook pages to go in my journal. For both of the pages, I used Kaisercraft’s ‘Oh Happy Day’ sticker book because both pages were about celebration. The first page features photos of my son in his first car – something of a right of passage – and the second, features photos of my son on his 19th birthday. Both of these events took place in the same week, so I created them back-to-back on one sheet of white card.

Before I began sticking things down though, I looked through the sticker book and created a couple of sketches to follow while creating. I like working from sketches as they take a lot of the indecision out of the process of actually creating. If you’d like to download a copy of the sketches to print and follow, you can find them here.

Thanks for stopping by! xxx