#amrecovering: z is for zero

These days I have zero tolerance for pussy-footing around and beating about the bush. I haven’t got the energy for faffing or stroking egos. If something needs doing or saying I just do it or say it – never knowingly unkindly though. It’s just that I have to conserve my physical and mental energy for my family and my recovery. I can’t be doing with drama of any kind.

#amrecovering: y is for yes

Just as ‘no’ is a powerful word when used wisely, so is ‘yes’. I know I need to edge out of my comfort zone, so I do it every once in a while. I don’t do it alone though. I always make sure I’ve got support on hand.

#amrecovering: x is for expectations

I’m trying to be realistic about my recovery. It’s been a year since I became ill, and although I’m much, much, much better I know I’m not completely well. I’m still healing. I don’t know when (if) I’ll be able to stop taking medication. I don’t know when I’ll stop being so easily exhausted. I don’t know when I’ll be able to say I’m totally well. Just taking it one day at a time.

#amrecovering: v is for values

Mental illness can rock you to the core. It can strip you of everything you think you are. One of the things I learned at recovery college is that our identity is rooted in our values. Throughout all this my values never changed. Even though I did crazy things, I was still motivated by love for my family. I didn’t really change … it was the way my brain processed things that changed and that changed my behaviour. I’m still me.

#amrecovering: s is for simplicity

Life gets busy and messy and complicated, but I’m trying to keep things simple these days. I’ve cut back on a lot of commitments and am focusing on my priorities and passions. For the first time in a long time, I feel as if I’m going with the grain of who I am, rather than against it.

#amrecovering: q is for quiet

I have always needed lots of quiet in my life, but I haven’t always been able to find it. I’m lucky that, due to my current life circumstances, I’m able to find quiet time and it’s really helping me cope with the noisy times.