#amrecovering: o is for opportunity

I’ve been offered lots of opportunities during my recovery and I think I’ve taken every one of them. Some of them I’ve not felt ready for but looking back I’m glad I nudged myself along. The best thing I’ve done is join The Recovery College. I have learned so much about my illness, about myself and about recovery. I definitely feel as if I am in the driving seat now.

#amrecovering: l is for light

I need lots of this, especially this time of year. Time to break out the fairy lights and candles! I’ve bought myself a little fan heater so I can work in the conservatory over the winter as it’s the lightest and brightest room in the house. Over the winter I’m going to try to get outside for walks in daylight too, no matter how cold it is. It’s only a month until the days start getting longer again … roll on Spring!

#amrecovering: h is for hope

There was a time when I was hopeless, had no hope, when every day was dark and grey, and life did not seem liveable, but now I have hope. I found it in the everyday – in the sunshine and showers, in the birds in the trees, in the food on my plate, in the laughter of my children, in the sunrise and the sunset. All these simple, little things remind me that life goes on whether it feels liveable or not. Every day I choose hope, because I don’t want to ever be without it again.

#amrecovering: g is for gratitude

No prizes for spotting the deliberate mistake! Looking for everyday things to be grateful for has been a significant part of my recovery. Every day, in my bullet journal, I write down a list of things I am grateful for. I don’t usually go back and read previous entries; it’s the act of taking a moment to think about the day and to write down a few things I’m grateful for that’s important. I tend to do it at the end of the day, or the start of the next day, and it just helps me stay grounded in reality and gives me a little hope that things will be ok.