This Is How I’m Staying Well

This is how I’m looking after my mental health and continuing my recovery at the moment. In no particular order:

1. I’m waking up at the same time every day: 7am.
2. I’m getting into bed by the same time every night: 11pm.
3. I’m taking my medications every day.
4. I’m taking my supplements every day.
5. I’m meditating every day.
6. I’m reading something uplifting/encouraging every day.
7. I’m listening to my favourite music every day.
8. I’m singing in the shower every day.
9. I’m creating something every day.
10. I’m drinking enough fluid every day.
11. I’m eating well every day.
12. I’m moving my body every day – sometimes I even walk outside!
13. I’m using my bullet journal to stay on track every day.
14. I’m doing a relaxation exercise every evening.
15. I’m spending time with my family every day.
16. I’ve stopped watching and reading the news.
17. I’ve unfollowed everyone on FB/IG/YT who is talking about the corona virus.
18. I let myself check the NHS advice once a day.
19. I practice mindfulness all the time: focus, let go of distractions, refocus without judgment, repeat.

Here I Go Again …

Hello! After watching Anna Brims’s EBDUK event vlog yesterday and re-hearing Rachel Blundell talk about how her self care looks like going to the gym, I’ve finally admitted to myself that I REALLY need to work on the physical aspect of my recovery from mental illness. At the moment my physical wellness habits are still playing second fiddle to my mental wellness habits, but now it’s time to make them a priority – to quote Rachel: I need to make sure I’m able to do all that I’m meant to do – soooooo after doing a bit of research, I might have just ordered myself a Passion Planner Pro. It was only £12 from Amazon – I guess because it’s dated and started in January, but that’s fine with me. Now I just need to figure out what stickers I’m gonna need! xxxx