Back On the Team at EBDUK!

Hello! So, it’s been a while since I posted here. Lots has been going on, and I’ll come to that in a future post, but today I wanted to pop on and let you know that I am back on the EllieBeth Designs UK Creative Planning Team!

I’ve been using EBDUK stickers in my bullet journal and Passion Planner Pro for a few years now, and I still love them just as much as I did when I started – they really do brighten up every day – so when the opportunity came for me to rejoin the team, I jumped at the chance.

I have a discount code that you can use to receive 10% off your EBDUK orders. It’s NATALIE10. This is an affiliate code which means I do receive ‘Rainbow Rewards’ each time it is used, but that is at no cost to you.

In March, I will be using the ‘Serendipity’ collection to decorate my bujo, so do stay tuned for my next Plan With Me video. Here’s a sneak peek. Until then … happy stickerating! xxx

Here I Go Again …

Hello! After watching Anna Brims’s EBDUK event vlog yesterday and re-hearing Rachel Blundell talk about how her self care looks like going to the gym, I’ve finally admitted to myself that I REALLY need to work on the physical aspect of my recovery from mental illness. At the moment my physical wellness habits are still playing second fiddle to my mental wellness habits, but now it’s time to make them a priority – to quote Rachel: I need to make sure I’m able to do all that I’m meant to do – soooooo after doing a bit of research, I might have just ordered myself a Passion Planner Pro. It was only £12 from Amazon – I guess because it’s dated and started in January, but that’s fine with me. Now I just need to figure out what stickers I’m gonna need! xxxx

The Finding Hope Challenge 2019

Hello! Today I’m launching the @crafting.out.loud Finding Hope Challenge 2019. For detailed info, please watch my YouTube video below, but the basics are as follows: over the course of July we’re going to journal about all the things that give us hope, that feeling of positive expectation, the things we look forward to, so that by the end of the month we’ll have built up a ‘hope bank’ from which we can make withdrawals during times when our hope needs a bit of a top-up. Also, I’ve created another craft along kit to go with this challenge. Again, details are in the video. I do hope you’ll join me in creating this really useful wellness tool. xxx