Art Journaling Out Loud: The Light Shines

Hello! Here’s today’s Wednesday video. I asked on YouTube what people would like to see from me this week, and ‘an art journal spread’ received the largest share of the votes. So here it is …

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Heath and Wellbeing Day: Cards for Recovery

It’s Saturday evening, and I’m sitting on the sofa with my feet up. It’s been a long day, but a fruitful and enjoyable one – I’ve been selling my cards out the local Health and Wellbeing Day.

All week, I’ve been painting watercolour cards and thinking about how best to display my wares. In the end, I decided to divvy the cards up into type, to help people find what they might be looking for, so I had a stand for Christmas cards, a stand for birthday cards and three baskets: one for thinking of you and get well soon cards; one for friendship cards and note cards; and one for thank you cards and congratulations cards. I definitely think it helped as I sold more cards this year than I did last year!

I wasn’t just selling cards this year, though. I was also raising money and awareness for my local Recovery College, and have donated 25p from the sale of every card to their Just Giving page. The Recovery College has played a massively important role in my recovery from mental illness, and I wanted to give something back to them. The money raised via the Just Giving page will be going toward the publication of the Hope book which will be made available to people living with and recovering from mental illness. Going forward, I’ll be donating money from the sale of all the cards I make.

Thank you to everyone who came along and bought cards today! It was lovely to chat to you, and I hope you enjoy sending the cards. If you couldn’t make it to the Health and Wellbeing Day, but would like to purchase one or more of my cards, you can find them in my Etsy shop. Postage and Packing is free within mainland UK and rates are low for the rest of the world.

Art Journal Process: The Voice of the Oppressor

For today’s video, I created a spread in my art journal. It was inspired by the discussions we had at Recovery College on Monday. The course was called ‘Creating Recovery’ and we talked a lot about barriers to creativity. Two things that came up for a lot of us were Perfectionism and Criticism. To find out more, feel free watch the video. Thanks for stopping by! xxx

Scraptember Day 9: The Lord Heals

Hello, and welcome to Day 9 of Scraptember!

Today, I’m sharing a page I decorated in my Bible. Psalm 147 v 3 is one of the verses that became important to me during my recovery from mental illness. While on a watercolour workshop at The Acorn Christian Healing Foundation last year, I painted a picture that included the words: the Lord heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds. It now hangs on the wall in our lounge, but I wanted to record it in my Bible too. I’ve come to think of this Bible as my Recovery Bible because all the verses I’ve journaled so far have been significant to my recovery in one way or another.

If you’d like to see how this page came together, there’s a process video on YouTube.

Thanks for stopping by! See you tomorrow. xxx

Scraptember Day 8: Book in My Bullet Journal

Hello! Welcome to Day 8 of Scraptember and the start of week two – feels like it’s been longer somehow!

Today, I’m sharing a page in my new bullet journal. As I go through bujos fairly quickly, I don’t want to keep migrating collections each time I start a new notebook, so I’ve decided to have one that’s just for collections. Today, I set up my reading log. I stopped reading when I started suffering from depression in late 2016 and haven’t really started again – I think I’ve read one fiction book in the last 18 months. I do want to start again though, and, for my first book, I’ve picked what I hope will be an easy read – the 100 by Kass Morgan. I’ve watched all the seasons of the TV show, so I should be able to keep up with the plot!

As ever, I don’t want just a boring old list, so I’ve drawn some books on which I can write down my reads as I go. If you’d like to see how it came together, there’s a process video below.

Thanks for reading! See you later. xxx

Scraptember Day 6: An Open Heart

Hello, lovely friends! Welcome to Day 6 of Scraptember – a month of memory-keeping. I decided to do something a little different today. Instead of creating a scrapbook page, I prepared some pages in my journal.

Over the summer, I’ve been been doing my journaling in my planner – my bullet journal – and is had consisted of relatively brief remarks about what we’ve been doing as a family, but now that the kids have gone back to school and Autumn is only a breath away, I feel the urge to write more deeply. It’s serendipitous really because today’s Scraptember prompt is explore, and I use my journal to explore my thoughts and feelings about things that have happened, thoughts I’ve had, ideas I’ve come across, like the quote that jumped out at me during my morning reading today:

… but when our hearts are open, providence makes straight our paths.

Could there have been a more perfect quote to ponder in my journal today?

I talk more about this quote and my journal in today’s Scraptember video which you can watch here or on YouTube. I decorate my journal to add yet another splash of colour to my life.

Thanks for stopping by! See you tomorrow. x

EllieBeth Designs UK: Hazard Planning

Hello, again! It’s me, Natalie, back with another post for the EBDUK blog. If you read my last post, you’ll know that my planner has become my mental illness recovery companion: a creative tool for managing my life, an authentic record of the wellness journey I’m on, and a daily dose of colour, light and hope. In today’s post, I’d like to share one of the way I use my bullet journal to increase my mental resilience and help me rediscover wellness: hazard planning.

Hazard planning is something I learned about at Recovery College during a workshop on overcoming the obstacles in our lives.

Read more …

Bullet Journal Flip-Through: January – July 2018

Hello and welcome! In this video I flip-through and explain my Jan – Jul 2018 bullet journal. Thanks for watching!

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If you’d like to financially support my channel please visit my online shop, StonetableDesignsUK, and buy one of my unique, handmade cards. Thank you!